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        5920 Prince of Wales Drive | North Gower, ON | KOA 2TO

        613.489.2092  |  info@

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        Manderley on the Green is only 5 minutes south of Barrhaven. Directions below are for trips from downtown Ottawa.

        • Take HWY-417 west to HWY-416

        • Follow HWY-416 south for about 16km to Bankfield Exit

        • Turn LEFT (East) on Bankfield Road and head east until you reach Prince of Wales Dr. (about 2km).

        • Turn RIGHT (South) on Prince Of Wales Dr. and take the 5 minute drive to Manderley on the Green!

        5920 Prince of Wales Drive
        North Gower, ON. K0A 2T0



        banquets & weddings

        Manderley offers a great selection of facilities to for your banquet, wedding,
        meeting or whatever get-together you are planning.

        We have three large banquet rooms that can accommodate all group sizes.
        Our outdoor ceremony site located in the gardens of the farmhouse on the property can accommodate up to 150 guests.

        Banquet Room Fee for meetings when golf is included: No Charge

        Give our Food & Beverage department a call today at 613-489-2092 extension 222, for more information!